Corner Stone City


The planning of this city in 950 acres of the site for a population of approximately 400,000 people is a balanced community based upon sustainable environmental principles. As the world becomes concerned with climate uncertainity, the creation of self-supporting and sustainable communities becomes of the utmost importance. The planning principles takes this as the most important determinant. Coupled with this are the social objectives of social amenity and housing for all socio-economic groups within the community.

Provision has also been made for large open space networks which knowledge the existing drainage system using this for advantage n flood retention and future water supply for irrigation. Health has been acknowledged in the provision for health care and hospitals coupled with universities and places of higher learning. The provision of schools within the community has been associated with major residential complexes with both primary and secondary schools.

The centre of the development is a commercial area providing opportunity for all classes of activity and retail. These are associated closely with two large areas for IT Office Park development one of which will be an SEZ community.

Regional retail has been provided close to the highway so it gains exposure and associated with a bulky goods retailing component located on the other side of the main arterial.

Location : Bangalore
Client : Corner Stone City Developers
Site Area : 950 Acres
Built up Area : 7,088,585 sq.m.
Principal Architects : Cox Architecture, Australia
Executive Architects : SEP Architects

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