Our Philosophy

SEP team endeavours to bring the client’s dream to reality with an artistic flair. We believe in delivering high quality projects on time, within the client’s budget. Our core philosophy remains simple - Creativity and viability are not mutually exclusive, they are essential and complementary elements of the unique SEP design.

Space, Environment and Planning (SEP) is our medium to give client’s vision its image, form and future existence.


  • Innovate space planning through strategic thinking and creative practices
  • Experience architecture through its spatial quality
  • Follow the principles of design – balance, unity, contrast, emphasis, pattern & rhythm

At SEP, we enhance lives and environment by amalgamating creative instincts and emotions into the built form through the demeanour of scale, proportion, height, structure, skin, texture, colour, materials & light.


  • Create sustainable developments
  • Build energy efficient- high performance buildings
  • Consider eco-friendly materials and energy flows

For SEP, a highly collaborative, integrated conceptual framework begins at the pre-design phase and continues throughout the design, construction and building occupation phase.


  • Provide an integrated approach for strategic planning and design excellence
  • Plan with an urban design vision for a coherent urban form and structure
  • Ensure heritage regeneration

SEP believes occupant friendly and transit-oriented planning can be instrumental in achieving socially acceptable, economically viable and environmentally sensitive developments.