Master Planning & Urban Design

With a critical increase in the volume of urban population, how we plan our land and design our built environments has become more significant than ever. Master planning comprises setting a comprehensible framework for the detailed design and sustainable future development of a large area or site.

At SEP Architects, we follow a knowledge-based, integrated systems approach to create master plans and urban design strategies. This ensures that our solutions are commercially viable while being socially and environmentally responsive. We have acquired rich experience and skills over the years working on a comprehensive range of developments. Our master planning projects span residential, commercial, retail infrastructure, urban development and mixed use schemes.

We work in collaboration with the planning authorities, clients and related stakeholders to incorporate sustainable solutions within the plans. Our expertise lies in formulating layouts that can be easily translated into comprehensive and profitable infrastructure developments.

SEP’s architects and master planners work in a multi-disciplinary environment where the proficiency of other professionals, including civil, structural, mechanical and electrical designers, contributes to a holistic design and sustainability approach.